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CENSORSHIP and DELETED videos, links and articles.

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The Corbett Report has a host of solutions for surviving in this era of censorship and surveillance.  Don't miss James Corbett's FLASHBACK: How Do I Find Broken Links? (2021)

All webpages of DallasForSaferWater have been archived on the Wayback Machine. Some pages of the original DogsAgainstFluoridation also have been archived.

Here is this “VAXXED MOVIE” webpage which was archived on August 15, 2020.


Scroll below on this webpage (right column) to find this VIDEO…

WFAA-TV Channel 8 did an Investigative Report about the blatant dangers of vaccines in February 2001.

The “YouTube’ video itself is titled:

Vaccine Dangers Part 1 - WFAA News Dallas - 2001 -

Vaccine Dangers Part 2 - WFAA News Dallas - 2001 -

VaccinationEducation YouTube Channel – Full List of Videos

(This is historical footage on vaccines which goes back decades.)

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"Science of Vaccines" Forum

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ...and the "no show" four Yale vaccine experts.

NEWS - March 2019

Advocates of mandatory vaccines organized and scheduled a "Science of Vaccines" forum and debate for March 19th.

Three Yale Professors and one Doctor enticed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to appear at the forum for a debate.

Four against one.

Kennedy, a very busy man, made arrangements to be there.

EXCERPT of the page script…

…Surprisingly or perhaps not, the other panelists on the “Science of Vaccines” forum (three Yale professors and one pediatrician) cancelled their appearances at 11:00 p.m. the night before the event.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. appeared at a press conference and forum today (March 19) to debate the topic of vaccine mandates at the Connecticut state legislature. Speaking in a legislative meeting room and by audio to an overflow room—packed with hundreds of parents, vaccine safety advocates, the media, and CT state legislators—Mr. Kennedy educated the crowd on Pharma/government corruption that has led to the unprecedented epidemics now claiming the health of over half of our nation’s children.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Press Conference – The Science of Vaccines Forum - March 2019 - ARTICLE VIDEO

NOTE:  Google/YouTube removed this video in 2020.

UPDATE Dec 2022

Below is a screenshot of the YouTube Video prior to its removal.

Click the IMAGE below or this LINK to watch the one hour video.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Press Conference – The Science of Vaccines Forum

(one hour) -


Children's Health Defense -

Published on Mar 19, 2019

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was a panelist at the “Science of Vaccine Forum" in Connecticut in response to proposed vaccine mandate legislation in the state. Mr. Kennedy was the only one of the five-member panel to show up as the three Yale professors and one pediatrician scheduled to appear cancelled at approximately 11:00 p.m. last night. Their absence is very telling of the actual strength and veracity of the “vaccines are safe and effective” mantra. Were they afraid of vaccine facts? If vaccines are so safe and effective, why didn't they want to defend them? Watch RFK, Jr.'s presentation to the media, vaccine safety advocates and some of the Connecticut legislators in attendance.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr. repeatedly mentions Aluminum during that March 19, 2019 Press Conference.


Aluminum and Fluoride have many relationships, including the fact that Fluoride is a toxic waste product of the Aluminum industry. Aluminum has no use for any body function, and is very toxic, especially when injected directly into the blood stream. It is used as an adjuvant for many vaccines.

To find out much more on Aluminum, scroll towards the bottom of this webpage:

DallasForSaferWater – News and Activism


When Dr. Chris Exley examined the brains of deceased Autistic children, the aluminum content was outrageously high.

Many vaccines contain high toxic amounts of aluminum as an adjuvant in order to elicit an immune response from the body. The body’s immune system harshly reacts to this toxic aluminum in the blood and will start attacking anything that the body conceives as foreign. Robert F Kennedy, Jr. points out in the adjuvant’s mechanism of action, aluminum’s prompt for an immune response is what can induce allergies, asthma, and other health conditions in children who have had vaccinations. For example: If the vaccine contains peanut oil, then the child might suffer life-long allergies to peanuts. If the person has been breathing different pollens, the aluminum adjuvant prompts a radical immune response to pollens which induces allergies or asthma.

[ Kennedy reference – Go to the 41:30 mark of ]

Children’s Health Defense

Children's Health Defense® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and to establish safeguards to prevent future harm.

The previous name of Kennedy's WEBSITE and NEWS was

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NEWS - February 15, 2017

The National Press Club with Robert Kennedy Jr., Robert De Niro and others.

$100,000 Reward to anyone who can show an existing scientific study which shows that it is safe to inject babies with mercury.

Kennedy's WEBSITE and NEWS

See this PRESS RELEASE which has many, many links to references and science.

The Press Release provides wonderful detail to the February 15th event.

Go to this website to see and hear the stories of more than 6,000 vaccine injured people.

You can even select your state.

Fantastic 10 minute summary
about vaccines by
Robert Kennedy, Jr.

NEWS - January 10, 2017 - Reuters

Robert Kennedy Jr. says tapped by Trump to head vaccine safety review


“Vaccination skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he would chair a presidential panel to review vaccine safety and science at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s request, drawing fierce criticism from vaccine experts who fear such a panel would give credence to debunked theories tying childhood immunizations to autism…”

(15 minute video with Robert Kennedy testifying)

Kennedy revealed that 70% of ad revenue for major news networks comes from Big Pharma.

The Big Pharma Washington Lobby is more powerful than any other Lobby Group, including oil and defense contractors.

Kennedy's WEBSITE and NEWS


January 2017 - New 9-PART Docu-Series: "VACCINES REVEALED"

Don't miss Episode 3 of "Vaccines Revealed".

The corrupt CDC is now scampering in fear with some of Trump’s appointments…

…Georgia Congressman and surgeon, Dr. Tom Price, as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Read this hit-piece: Tom Price Belongs to a Really Scary Medical Organization That Promotes Anti-Vaccine Hysteria




From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Movie Website

Twitter AutismMediaChannel

Facebook - Movie

VAXXED TEAM WEBSITE & Live Feed (Please subscribe) -

VAXXED TV - YouTube Channel -

VAXXED TEAM - Facebook -

One minute message from the VAXXED Team -

AutismMediaChannel -


Truth Tube -

More links and information at bottom of this page.


What you can do...

~ Educate yourself and help to educate others. Encourage others to see VAXXED.

~ Encourage other aware people to spread the word. An aware person has a duty to help spread the word. To be remiss is complicit.

~ Sign up at "Texans for Vaccine Choice"

~ Sign up at "Autism Action Network"


Call Regina Imburgia if you want to help with the Fluoride issue or help with the Dallas area VAXXED campaign.



Trailer for the Film below

original (1).jfif
original (4).jfif
original (5).jfif

Full Interview with the District Attorney



Previous "Vaxxed From Cover-Up To Catastrophe" Theater Showings

in the Dallas area (sponsored by Regina Imburgia)

Sept 18, 2016 Event: "Revealing Government and Corporate Fraud"




On Wednesday, September 14th, Regina talks to the Dallas City Council. She invites them to the free September 18th VAXXED film and EXPO Event (2pm - 8:30pm at Valley View Center).

She tells the story of how the CDC was again caught in deliberate fraud which adversely affects the health of millions...the same CDC which has promoted fluoridation.

She also brings up her Councilman's wise statement about balancing risk with benefit: "...We should require proof before signing off on consent." Regina points out that the City has never provided proof about the safety of HFS (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid) because they can't. Proof does not exist.

original (6).jfif
original (7).jfif
original (8).jfif
original (9).jfif
original (10).jfif
original (11).jfif

NorthPark 15 - 8687 N Central Dallas, TX August 8 (Monday) 7:00 pm

Reference -

The Northpark AMC showing was a huge success! The theater was packed. Prior to the film professionals briefly spoke. After the movie, the crowd was exhilarated, talking in the hallways and lining up to get more information and become active.

The VAXXED movie at Firewheel AMC on Monday August 22nd 7:30 pm was cancelled (not by us).

We are so very, very sorry. Like most of you, we are extremely passionate about this topic.

The cancellation was not a result from any act of ours here in the Dallas area. All AMC theater showings of Vaxxed across the country were suddenly, out of the blue, cancelled via the “Gathr” marketing company.

We feel terrible because the cancellation puts many of you “on the spot” in a bad predicament with people you have made arrangements with, invited or promoted this film to.


If you had purchased tickets, you will need to get a refund by first contacting Gathr.

Give them some time, because some of their staff have a prolific history of being slow, incompetent, lackadaisical, and failing to communicate or keep promises with the hundreds of Vaxxed Movie Captains around the country.

At this date, there are thousands of people who suddenly are requesting ticket refunds which is bound to cause even more confusion with a confused company.

Gathr website -

Reference number to the Firewheel Screening. -

original (12).jfif


Texans For Vaccine Choice - WEBSITE


Facebook -

"Texas Parents For Vaccine Choice"


VAXXED Q & A - Do not miss the 26:04 mark.

Without a doubt, vaccines can and do cause Autism (even per the CDC studies which were covered up).

However, Autism can be caused by a variety of factors. Go to the 26:04 mark of the video to hear a great explanation.


Texas State Representative Tony Tinderholt District 94

The movie's premiere at the Angelika in Dallas

Famous Houston area Activist and Journalist, Derrick Broze, interviews the VAXXED Team. The 5 points shown at the end of the Movie are discussed.

Vaxxed Q&A in Dallas - Session 1 - May 6, 2016

The Mayor of Houston had banned VAXXED from the local Film Festival. Here the Houston City Council is confronted by the VAXXED Team.


VAXXED Team on Dallas' WFAA-TV Channel 8

"Good Morning Texas" Aug 31, 2016

Plato's Cave YouTube Channel with many great clips covering VAXXED has been censored by YouTube.


The Dallas Morning News and WFAA-TV are financially connected. Here is a hit piece that The Dallas Morning News ran in late August. Notice the comments.

WFAA-TV Channel 8 did an Investigative Report about the blatant dangers of vaccines in February 2001.

The lawsuits looked to be a sure win against vaccine makers! After 9/11/01, The Patriot Act was put forth before Congress. Both the House and the Senate agreed NOT to sneak any other non-related legislation into this voluminous Patriot Act. However, the top ranking Republican Senator Bill Frist did sneak in legislation which essentially made it impossible to sue the vaccine makers.

Senator Bob Frist owned HCA (Hospital Corporation of America ) which at the time was the largest hospital chain in America with over 400 hospitals and surgery centers. HCA itself was filled with corruption. In 2002, HCA was involved in the largest fraud settlement in US history. (Fraud not related to the vaccine issue.)

Related to the above WFAA-TV Special Report of 2001.

CDC lied – Freedom of Information Act – CDC Exposed – March 2002


…Her group, Safe Minds, filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the CDC in February 2001 seeking all information about its research. Last fall, the group received what it considered the smoking gun, says Safe Minds attorney Elizabeth Birt, who’s a parent of an autistic child and an associate at Chicago’s Ross & Hardies. The CDC’s research had initially found that children who were exposed to 62.5 mcgs of mercury in vaccines in the first three months of life were 2.48 times more likely to develop autism. Anything over two is considered significant, Birt says….

Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland from Bedford (Dist 92) supports the rights of parents instead of government when it comes to medical decisions.

Vote for Ed Rankin if you live in his district, not Pete Sessions.

Support Texas State Representative Tony Tinderholt District 94.


Backstory on Robert De Niro and the film being pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. Big Pharma money and influence was behind the censorship. Also, Jane Rosenthal was the chairwoman and co-founder of the festival. De Niro had first asked that the film be placed on the line-up. Jane Rosenthal later did what she could to have it pulled.

See this later interview on The TODAY SHOW. Watch Jane Rosenthal.

Dr. Mercola's girlfriend points out Jane in that interview.


Citizens In Dallas Are REFUSING to Vaccinate Their Kids

By Erin Elizabeth (who is Dr. Mercola's girlfriend) - May 30, 2016

According to the Denton County Immunization Partnership, vaccine exemption rates have increased by 78%, parents are making other choices. And in neighboring Tarrant County, there have been more than 4,000 exemptions filed in the past year and a half. All this, as you can imagine, is making the Immunization Partnership of DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) nervous enough to call an emergency meeting in the hopes of preventing the vaccination rates from further dropping.


Anna Dragsbaek, President of The Immunization Partnership, wants to hear from these parents so they can “effectively advocate on behalf of positive policy change and education efforts here in Texas”, which actually means- try and threaten/guilt people into changing their minds.


The bigger issue is that people ARE educated, both about their choice to NOT vaccinate and what vaccinations are. And that is a heavy blow to the vaccine industry. Both the counties listed are prominent regions in the DFW area, represent a combined 2.5 million in population, have 27 school districts between them, vote Republican, and are considered to hold family values high. They are also highly educated and wealthy.


Normally the media like to paint people who refuse to vaccinate as uneducated idiots but that’s not the case here and should that happen, feathers will fly. Guaranteed. Texans are are not afraid of media and government intimidation acts. We are so glad to finally see communities in America rise up against forced medical procedures. Of any kind.

Texans have a long history of not being told what to do, including when it comes to vaccination legislation. Watch the following video with Texas (R) Senator Donna Campbell, MD., speaking at a Senate Committee meeting fighting against forced vaccination.

Medical Doctor and Senator, Donna Campbell speaking...


Watch the Video below.        Watch the Video below.        Watch the Video below.        Watch the Video below.


The CDC has a sordid history of destroying the health of Black people.

According to CDC studies (which were covered up), Black boys are 3.6 times as likely as White boys to suffer from Autism as a result of vaccines.

The Dallas African American Community is uniting to handle the vaccine issue.

Church Leaders are joining forces.

original (2).png

Huge DFW Church is taking the VAXXED crusade to TV ! Daystar TV

"Joni Table Talk"

August 13, 2016 in Dallas

Minister Tony tells it like it is!

“Get off the Bus.”

“Get off the Bus.”

“Get off the Bus.”

Rosa Parks, a common everyday person, took the brave step to dismantle a corrupt system.

Listen to this dynamic talk by Sheila Ealey

(She was in the movie)


CDC Says Black Lives Don't Matter

Dangers of Vaccines

Alvin Jackson

DFW FOX 4 News on August 16, 2016 interviews Rebecca Hardy with Texans for Vaccine Choice. (4 minutes)


Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland from Bedford (Dist 92) supports the rights of parents instead of government when it comes to medical decisions.




Japanese Government Continues to Ban the MMR Vaccine


"...The Japanese government banned the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine from its vaccination program in 1993, after a record number of children developed adverse reactions, including meningitis, loss of limbs, and death...."


Victoria states:

"Yes. I have a vaccine-injured child. She hits herself 500 times an hour, can't speak, plays with paper all day. Her disability is permanent and life long. She reacted to her second set of vaccines after being adopted from China and her pediatrician not acknowledging her previous vaccines because "they weren't in English". Tell me parents who snidely snicker and call us crackpots: Are you willing to risk this happening to your child? What if it did? THEN would you believe in causation? Why not temper your uneducated "opinions" with "fact" and read some of the articles at the following link? I dare you."

125 Research papers supporting Vaccine/Autism Causation


Scott Shoemaker posted the video titled ‘The First Year in the Life of a Rapidly Recovered Child With Autism‘ that shows his son Joshua, aged 3 years and 2 months, in a regressed autistic state after a round of mercury containing vaccines and the MMR. The video shows improvements with his son as time progressed.


Expanded History of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals



Texas Right To Know -

Hear This Well -

Alliance for Human Research Protection - [VACCINE documents]

Uncovering Vaccine Truth and Healing from Injury -

W.A.V.E. - Vaccine Information -

Vaccine Education - FACEBOOK -

Do NOT support "Autism Speaks"

"Autism Speaks" grossly mishandles funds.

Listen to this Autistic teenager -

Sprouts Farmers Market has a deception on its support for AUTISM.

Sprouts will collect donations for Autism at the cash register, but “Autism Speaks” is the organization which receives the funds.

“Autism Speaks” is a fraud.

“Autism Speaks” adamantly refuses to mention vaccines as a possible link to Autism.

“Autism Speaks” was founded by Bob Wright who is implicated in major corporate methods to manipulate corrupt agendas.

Bob Wright was the CEO and top executive of NBC for many years and also top honcho for General Electric (which owned NBC, The Weather Channel, Universal Studios, etc.)

VacTruth -

Mad Moms - Youtube Channel -

AUTISM ONE - YouTube Channel -

Moms In Charge - YouTube -

Autism360 - Looking for answers for someone on the Autism Spectrum?

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