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Public Service Announcement to air on Fox 

4 The Dr. Oz Show

The Actor and Activist, Ed Begley, Jr, is in a one minute Public Service Announcement (PSA) which bullet points the harmful effects of Water Fluoridation.


This PSA will be seen during the Dr. Oz Show on Fox 4 in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. The show airs between 2pm – 3pm.

The 5 airings of the PSA will be on December 23, 24, 26, 29 and 30. (2014)


Fox 4 is also giving some FREE airings of the PSA.

The free airings will be between 9am - 3pm during the week of January 5 (5 airings) and the week of January 12 (5 airings).


Much Thanks! to Dr. Griffin Cole, 2013 President of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), who arranged for the IAOMT to donate $3,500 to our Dallas campaign. This is what paid for the TV ad.

Be sure to also visit the “Help Get the F Out ! …of Dallas” PSA campaign which sponsored the production of this PSA. (Thanks Ivan!)

And also a thank you to all those who are helping in this campaign to stop the Dallas Area Water Fluoridation.

(The Dallas Area Water Fluoridation also affects cities like Grand Prairie, Irving, Coppell, and many other municipalities which Dallas wholesales its water to.)

Watch the one minute PSA with Ed Begley, Jr. below...



The EPA and Dr. Oz

Dr Oz has discussed Fluoridation of Water before on his shows.

He does not like Fluoridated Water and his family tries to filter it out using Reverse Osmosis.

In this show, he interviews the Head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson.

Lisa Jackson mentions that the EPA is tentatively looking at calling for a reduction of Fluoride Levels in municipal drinking water.

Dr. Oz tells her that he does not like to drink Fluoridated Water.

See this link for further info.


Here are some quotes when Dr. Oz and the Head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, discuss Fluoride in our drinking water.

NOTE: The EPA regulates drinking water.


Head of EPA, Lisa Jackson: "...You don't want too much. You don't want too much that you are getting an overdose of it...." (*1-footnote)(DOSAGE)

Dr. Oz: "...This is CDC data. 40% of kids have Fluorosis..."

..."What are you going to be doing with Fluoride levels in the water?"


Lisa Jackson: "We establish a tolerance. How much we'll tolerate to be in the water when it is delivered to your tap."

"And we are looking at lowering that number!"

"So, that would account for the fact that we are going to assume that you are going to get some amount of Fluoride from other sources than your drinking water." (*2-footnote)(FOOD)


The Dallas Raw Water (before Fluoride is added) contains 0.5ppm.

If the City Council approves adding Fluoride to the water, it will target meeting 0.7ppm as a standard. (Only a 0.2ppm difference)

This will cost taxpayers over a million dollars.

However, the EPA is already considering lowering the target of 0.7ppm !!!

So, in essence, The Dallas City Council would be throwing away over a million dollars on a 3 year contract to NEEDLESSLY add more Fluoride to the Raw Water in lieu of the fact that the EPA may lower the suggested standards in the near future. (It is a given, that eventually the EPA will lower the standards.)


(*1-footnote) - DOSAGE - "a measured mg (milligram) amount"

The FDA classifies Fluoride as a drug.

In actuality, only a medical practitioner can prescribe a DOSAGE of Fluoride. Any pharmacist will tell you that they would lose their license if they told someone to take more fluoride DOSAGE that what a Doctor prescribed.

According to the Mayo Clinic, on average an adult should drink 2-3 liters of water per day in a mild climate. Much more when it is hot.

2 liters of Dallas RAW WATER (before more Fluoride is added) contains a DOSAGE of 1mg of Fluoride. Of course, drinking more water on a hot day easily can increase the DOSAGE to 2mg or 3mg of Fluoride just from the RAW WATER alone (without additional Fluoride pumped into the Public Drinking Water).

So, in essence, the City Council is "playing Doctor" by PRESCRIBING a higher DOSAGE of Fluoride to everyone (whether or not an individual wants or needs this FDA classified drug). By adding Fluoride, the Dallas City Council is telling everyone that they need a higher DOSAGE.

Some of the City Council Members have NOT even reviewed the many, many published scientific studies on Fluoride.

Some City Council Members are clueless about the actual chemistry and biological actions of Fluoride.

Some City Council Members profess to be experts, yet do not even know the FACT that Fluoride is not removed from the Raw Water by the Water Department.


Yet, these same Council Members are PRETENDING TO BE QUALIFIED at judging DOSAGES of Fluoride given to over one million people in the DFW area.

If a Council Member can not review the scientific facts, they have no business dealing with Public Health.

They have no business prescribing dosages of Fluoride.

--Good Article -

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~


(*2-footnote) - The USDA shows the content of Fluoride in a list of over 400 foods and beverages. (circa 2005) Some foods and beverages contain significant quantities of fluoride.

USDA link -

As stated here

"Over the past 100 years, the levels of fluoride in foods purchased at the grocery store have increased. The reasons for this increase include: (1) the mass fluoridation of water supplies in some countries, (2) the introduction of fluoride-based pesticides, (3) the use of mechanical deboning processes, and, perhaps, (4) the use of Teflon in certain production processes.

The elevated fluoride levels that are now seen in most processed foods can make it seem like everything has fluoride in it."


It is quite evident that some City Council Members are very uniformed about the issue of Fluoride in the drinking water.

Please let them know.

You can do something.

Go to the HOME page to find out some things that you can do.

Here is an ad promoting this PSA on the Dr Oz Show. Good information in the ad.



The Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign

as reported by

About the "Help Get The F Out!" Campaign


Ivan Estevez, originator of the “Help Get the F Out” Public Service Announcement, discusses the campaign in a news interview.

He points out how important the Dallas Campaign is – that once Dallas stops fluoridation, many other cities will follow.

Ivan was in close contact with our friend and hero, Dr. Paul Connett and his son in deciding how to best approach public awareness of fluoridation. 

Dr. Connett had a contact for different celebrities (Martin Sheen, Ed Asner, Ed Begley, Bill Maher, etc.). Ivan talks about ideally airing the PSA on shows like Dr. Oz or The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ivan knows that Ellen personally supports this Anti-Fluoridation issue.


Go to…




Public Service Announcement by the famous actor, Ed Asner - (One minute)

Ed Asner: "Fluoride Should Be a Choice, Not a Mandate"

Ed Asner: "Fluoride Should Be a Choice, Not a Mandate"



Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola has repeatedly been on the Dr. Oz Show

He wrote an article about the Dallas Issue which was viewed by over 94,000 people.

"Expert Testimony: How Your Drinking Water

May Be Damaging Your Brain"

July 1, 2014

Read the Entire Article here:

Excellent Information about Fluoride is in this Article!

Story at-a-Glance...

Dallas is considering whether or not to renew a three-year, $1.8-million contract that provides their drinking water with fluoride.

Set to expire January 1, 2015, if Dallas ends fluoridation, it will become the largest city in the US to stop fluoridating its water.


Dr. Paul Connett, director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), recently testified before the Dallas council, giving expert commentary on why water fluoridation must be challenged.

The adulteration of the public water supply with fluoride violates your right to informed consent to medical treatment.

Fluoride is fundamentally a poison, with no beneficial biological role in the human body, and the effectiveness of swallowing fluoride to reduce tooth decay has never been demonstrated by a randomized controlled trial.

Dr. Mercola is mentioned repeatedly on this website…

The “Dr. Mercola” webpage

Dr. Mercola on the “INFO & RESOURCES” webpage



Natural News Reports on Dallas Fluoridation…

(Natural News gets over 7 million website hits a month)

Mike Adams, founder of Natural News, was on the Dr. Oz Show.

He was the first to expose the fact that some “natural” or “organic” foods contained potentially harmful contaminants.

Watch the Dr. Oz episode here:


Dallas considers ending 50 years of water fluoridation

Dallas, the ninth-largest city in the country, is teetering on a huge victory for public health pending four more City Council members agreeing to end water fluoridation.

So far, three council members, including Sheffie Kadane, Scott Griggs and Jennifer Staubach Gates, have stood up to the practice, acknowledging that it's unhealthy and expensive….


Read the full article here:

Natural News - Fluoride news, articles and information:



InfoWars Reports on the Dallas Anti-Fluoride TV Ad Campaign…

( ranks as one of the top global websites with millions of visitors)


Anti-Fluoride Activists Rally to ‘Get the F out of Dallas’

Major ad campaign aims to remove poison from public drinking water

The fight to remove fluoride from public drinking water is gaining momentum in Dallas, Texas, where activists are working hard to boost awareness of the issue ahead of a major City Council vote.

One campaign in particular aims to educate the citizens of Dallas to the dangers of fluoride through an informative and well-produced public service announcement which they hope to broadcast on several major networks.


The ad, featuring actor Ed Begley Jr., highlights the prevalence of dental fluorosis in children, its dangerously toxic nature and the results of a Harvard University medical study which found that “children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas.”


“So if people have to wear hazmat suits to handle this stuff because it’s so corrosive it eats through concrete, and you’re warned to call poison control if you swallow your toothpaste, then why is it still added to the water we drink, cook and shower with?” the ad asks….

Read the Full article here:


InfoWars: Articles on Fluoride (you will see pages and pages of listed articles)


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