Dallas For Safer Water

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Photo Gallery

This page will contain a gallery of photos and graphics . 

In the meantime enjoy the Videos!!

Dogs Against Fluoride



Dogs Against Fluoride Memes: by:Concerned citizens coordinated effort to end fluoridation



We had a Campaign for people to send in a "Selfie" holding a sign

"Dallas Vote NO".

(This "Selfie" Campaign is over.)

The purpose was to make a short video to present to The Dallas City Council Jan 28th.

Here are remnants of that SELFIE Campaign.

The Video will be posted on January 28, 2015

More PHOTOS coming, especially from the "Dallas Vote NO" Campaign.

-- Sorry.  We could not get everyone in the video. --

Much thanks to David E. for putting together the following video...

"Dallas Vote NO" VIDEO

which was played at the January 28th City Council Meeting.