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Pro-Fluoride Junkies

Some information about the PRO-Fluoridation Campaign and the Big Guns behind it.


Below is a 3 minute video which summarizes the CDC's Fluoride statement.


In a presentation at the 6th annual Citizen's Conference on Fluoride,

Paul Connett, PhD exposes pro-fluoridation quackery and propaganda with humor.

(2 minutes - Funny Propaganda) LINK

FLUORIDE ALERT – Fluoride Action Network –

FAN (Fluoride Action Network) is a tremendous resource for information about Fluoride.

Here is a page listing the Pro-Fluoride Junkies and methods to handle them.


PRO-FLUORIDATION Campaign Revealed

The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) hired Hager Sharp, a PR Firm, to sell us fluoridation and tell promoters how to do it.


(By the way, Crescent City Times does excellent reporting. Fluoride archives - )


BIG MONEY and Power behind Pro-Fluoridation


Campaign for Dental Health

The Campaign for Dental Health (CDH) was created to ensure that people of all ages have access to the most effective, affordable and equitable way to protect teeth from decay — water fluoridation.

Fluoridation Toolkit: A Resource for Health Advocates

The U.S. celebrates fluoridation’s 70th anniversary this year, and this toolkit provides resources that local advocates can use to educate their communities. The 70th Anniversary of Community Water Fluoridation (CWF): How to Use the Toolkit pdf guide offers instructions and tips to help you take advantage of the following resources:

One example of many…

The Campaign for Dental Health is a program of the American Academy of Pediatrics with support from the California Dental Association, Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation, DentaQuest Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and Washington Dental Service Foundation.



Steve Slott, Kurt Ferre, Johnny Johnson, Ken Perrott, “Billy Budd” and others who troll Fluoride articles.

These guys are not from the Dallas area. They often “copy and paste” much of their stuff, while deliberately perverting the facts. Their intention is to cause a distraction, disruption, and to clutter comment sections with “fire-fight back-n-forth” arguments.

It is best to ignore their posts.

It is a good bet that some of these guys get paid or receive a benefit of some sort in return for their trolling activities. Steve Slott and Kurt Ferre and Johnny Johnson sometimes spend countless hours commenting.

How could a person be able to devote so much time to telling lies?

By the way, give Steve Slott a poor rating...


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